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My Everyday Carry (EDC) for Personal Trips

It’s easy to prepare for every situation…but it sure isn’t fun lugging a heavy backpack or suitcase around Asia or the cobblestone streets of Europe.

Want to know what makes my short list of everyday carry (EDC) items when I travel?

Amsterdam, Netherlands

There are many delightful cities in the world to visit and not many rise to the top of that list. Amsterdam does.

What you’ll find, beyond the bicycles and cheese and canals is a laidback urban capital that is easy to traverse and even easier to love.

Brussels and Bruges, Belgium

Chocolate. Beer. Fries. Pleasantness to spare. Sound like heaven?

Almost. it’s Belgium. Specifically the Belgian capital of Brussels and the charming town of Bruges. Ideal for a couple but great for a small group, these two cities epitomize what European vacations should be.