Where have I been hiding for six months?

You all have probably noticed that there has been a really long gap in between posts. This is not because I am not traveling or because I don’t like posting. Let me try and catch you folks up on everything going on in my life:

  • July
    • I got rejected for an internal transfer that would have moved us to Chicago, which is where my wife and I agreed to move to (so we could be closer to her family in Wisconsin). But not everything was bad!
    • I fulfilled a big dream and bought a condo in Nashville, where I went to grad school, completed my second and third of my five coaching courses (I am pursuing a coaching certification), and…
    • My wife told me that that we are expecting our first child in April 2019! 😀
  • August
    • My wife Caitlin got a new job (!!) and moved to Chicago first so we could be closer to her family.
  • September
    • Caitlin and I took a week to travel to Greece to celebrate our friends’ wedding in Santorini
    • I also got my new job (an internal transfer into a new role which I’d been hoping for) and went to New York for work and…
    • We signed a lease on a Chicago apartment!

2018-09-27 19.43.10

  • October
    • We celebrated friends’ wedding in Milwaukee, packed up our apartment, completed my fourth coaching certification course
  • November
    • I finally moved to Chicago after packing up our apartment solo. I am happy to report that all of our gear survived the journey (literally not one broken glass). We also leased a new car, unpacked all of those gajillion boxes, and got settled into our new home.

2018-11-19 19.49.55

With all that, you can probably understand why I haven’t been able to publish any new content since the summer. The good news is now that I am settled in Chicago and have found my footing with my new day job, I am starting to share more updates.

The first piece will be my trip report from Oslo, where I went in May. That will drop this Monday, December 10. After that, I will be assembling all of my experiences from Santiago, Chile (June) and Greece (August) along with a couple other articles which I plan to release early in the new year. Cheers to a great 2019 coming up!



p.s. It’s cold here in Chicago.

2018-12-07 07.44.20

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