Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is a damn fun place.

As a first time visitor to our neighbor to the south, I can see why people have enjoyed trips to Cabo in the past. If you’re thinking about heading to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas can be a great first step to ease into Mexico (even though it really is not representative of the broader Mexican history or culture).

Ordinarily I’d write about each day’s activities but Cabo’s not that kind of place. It’s a destination where you can re-enact that Corona commercial and float off into an afternoon breeze while drinking a cold beer.

Corona Commercial Los Cabos, Mexico

Corona Commercial
Los Cabos, Mexico

So instead, I’ll leave you with a few observations from before our trip, upon arrival, and during our time in country.

Before You Go:

  • Dollars and pesos are virtually interchangeable but you’ll get a better rate in pesos.
  • Do not – I repeat – do not forget your sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen. This is a place where one a half day in the sun will give you a heck of a sunburn.
  • Bring a beach bag or workout bag – this will make transporting stuff to the beach or pool easier.
Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos, Mexico

Sheraton Hacienda del Mar
Los Cabos, Mexico

When You Arrive:

  • Upon arriving at San Jose Cabo airport, you’re immediately overwhelmed with a throng of people trying to offer you rides. If your hotel doesn’t offer a specific shuttle, you can usually pick one up for around $17 per person. We found one such van and within five minutes we were whisked off to the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar.
  • If you plan on drinking at all on this trip, buy a bottle of something in the duty free shop before you leave the airport. A bottle of Milagro Anejo tequila costs $28 at the airport and $42 in some of the touristy shops you might find in Cabo San Lucas or other places. And when cocktails at the hotel will set you back $8-12, you’ll save money almost immediately.
  • Remember that unless you rent a car, you’ll likely be a captive on a resort. So either buy snacks or drinks before you arrive or take a day trip into town.
  • Cabo is situated at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Don’t hesitate to go into the water but watch out in some places – the rip tide is super strong and can easily knock you over and drag you out into the ocean.
  • If a friend or family member invites you to Cabo for their wedding, you better go. This is the kind of place that was made for glorious wedding photos looking out on the Sea of Cortez.

During Our Time in Mexico:

  • There’s a reason people come here – and it is not for busy days. Sunny beaches, fresh seafood, and poolside drinks make the atmosphere one for relaxing.
  • Take a boat cruise. Besides being a fun way to see the Arch of Cabo San Lucas or get tanked on drinks or stuffed on tacos, it turned out to be an opportunity of a lifetime to see a pod of whales (including a young calf). We took the Cabo Mar boat, which was $65 and included all you can drink and eat. What a deal!
Sunset Cruise to the Arch Los Cabos, Mexico

Sunset Cruise to the Arch
Los Cabos, Mexico

Mexico is way more than Cabo, but Cabo is a fantastic place to unwind. While we didn’t have time to play golf, go scuba diving, or try a horseback ride, there are many options to keep you entertained.

And if all else fails, the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar whips up a real mean 2 AM room service cheeseburger.



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