Major Life Updates from Go See the World

This blog has existed for over four years now, and in my posts, I have had the fortune of sharing trips from Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. As some of you might know, earlier this year in April, my wife Caitlin and I were so fortunate to welcome our son, Cooper Fung, into this world.


2019-06-24 11.48.11

On our way to Hawaii in June 2019


As you might imagine, this has completely changed how I travel and will travel in the future. From making sure my wife gets to rest in between feeding and caring for Cooper to ensuring we make time to visit her and my family across the country, everything requires planning and coordination now.

What we do know is that everything will change – and that for trips with him, what we do, how we do it, and where we do it will change. But that is how my blog posts will evolve. I still have some 2018 trip reports to publish (namely Athens/Santorini, an escape to the woods of (way) Northern California, and others.). And I will no doubt still have some solo trips in the future. But many of my posts will now likely family activities and several posts on How to… do things with a newborn/infant/toddler. Hopefully, you saw my recent post, “How to… Travel with a Baby (under 6 months old).” That was definitely a series of lessons learned through struggle, and I hope that you all benefit from those lessons.


2019-08-16 12.23.00

Breakfast time at Donut Villa Diner, just outside Boston, MA


I’m also excited to report that my son, who is now nearly five months old, has already been to eight states (with two of those as bending the definition – he was in an airport or drove through it). He’ll get his first taste of California in November and then his first international trip in January when we fly to Singapore and then onward to a soon-to-be determined beachy paradise.

2019-08-15 20.52.25

On our way to Boston and Shapleigh, Maine in August 2019

I hope that travel will bring him as much joy as I gain from seeing the world. For you parents or aspiring parents out there, feel free to share any lessons learned or stories of how you’ve traveled with your kids.


I look forward to sharing OUR travel adventures with you all for many years to come.

August 26, 2019

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