My Mother’s 70th Birthday

Today is May 26, 2018.


Today would have been my mother’s 70th birthday.


For those of you who don’t know, my mother is the inspiration for Go See the World and her life was one of global curiosity and linguistic ability. She sadly passed on June 20, 2016, just two days after my wife and I got married.

In the two years since she left us, I’ve been to 12 new countries and several others that I had already visited – and in each, I always look for things my mother would have liked. Places to see, things to eat, and stories to tell. The photo below, of my family on Christmas a few years ago, shows us all in a happy time (except me – since my photo stitching app appears to be erasing me from time).


On this Memorial Day, when we pay homage to those fallen men and women whose lives were given in service of their country, I also want to put out a small homage to my mother, Sharon. I’m sure she’s still watching from up above.

We miss you lots, Ma.

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