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How to… Visit Central Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, and Austria)

The triangle of Budapest, Prague, and Vienna is a stellar vacation idea. But each city has its nuances and you’ll want to consider some of these pre-trip suggestions before you go!

St. Petersburg/Moscow, Russia

My trip to Russia moves from the capital to the northern city of St. Petersburg – a European emulation that moves away from a business-feel towards a cultural center replete with history and insight into Russian society.

Galway and Dublin, Ireland (“More Castles, Natural Beauty and Guinness”)

As you move north along the western coast of Ireland, the scarcity of tourists and the increase in breathtaking scenery are inversely correlated. You’ll bear witness to stunning landscapes and castles which tell stories of love. You’ll also find long stretches of absolutely nothing. And at the end, leaving out of Dublin provides an opportunity to explore my guilty pleasure in foreign countries: trying the local Chinese restaurant.